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Customer service
Why Minh Phuong company?

Our motto is " to depict, to please the eyes and to make you smile".
Succeeding thousand years of tradition in the field of fine Arts and handicraft, We are proud to be a generationto maintain and develop this aesthetic craft. With every single lacquer ware, we depict a story through which one can learn a lots about Vietnamese Culture. It is the story of a hard working, persistent and unbend People; They love nature and have a ocean-widened heart!
It is to please your eyes- our main purpose. We want to create the so-called beauty for everyone to contemplate, to love and to know that life is beautiful.

Life is a picture with many dimensions, keep looking and you will see how beautiful it is! “Smile and the whole world smile, too!”. Our extreme desire is to make you smile so we promise to try our utmost to make you satisfy. Good quality, good service and prestige are our priorities to be concerned!

What makes Minh Phuong different?

A real craftsman is the one who abides by and brings into play the noble nation's Aesthetics traditions; never allows himself to quit any stage of the process inherited from his ancestors. Quitting some means to decrease the unique, accordingly it becomes less valuable.

Traditional Lacquer wares are coasted with traditional lacquer ( resins from Lacquer trees in Phu Tho), which must be dried overcast. Many layers of lacquers with polishing appear the beautiful colors hidden. Let alone the other stages requiring craftsmen’s patience and skillfulness, drying and polishing stages take much time to go and fix. A complete lacquer ware therefor must be calculated monthly, every year, even years ...
Minh Phuong we strictly follow the procedure of making every single lacquer ware.
On the contrary, for making lacquer quickly, the only way is to use chemicals imported (Japanese painting). It does not need to be overcastted, coating paint is dry immediately. In the market mechanism, the concepts of being fast and cheap are ,sometimes, manufacturers’ priorities.

Our main service:

Here we offer the services of manufacturing and trading lacquer wares abundant in textuals, materials, styles, topics and sizes. For every item purchasing from our company, It is guaranteed and exchangeable when it does not arrive in perfect condition. Please be also assured that we will have a full refund for goods purchasing from us that have wrong quality or wrong specification.
Besides, we would be very happy to fulfill your orders of any designs or dimensions that fit your house and favorite the most. All you need to do is to contact us via our email at info@minhphuongart.com . We promise to offer the best service.

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Store: 09 Mac Dinh Chi St.,
Ward Ben Nghe, Dist. 1
T. 08. 3823 1166 - 08. 3823 7789
F. 08. 3824 8442
E. info@minhphuongart.com
W. www.minhphuongart.com


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