Product Code: 04 20 28 VPMC P01

Dimension: W20 * L18 Cm

Technique: hand painting

Background: lacquered




You are entering the world of Art depicting Vietnamese Culture, Aesthetics when classic and modern combine, Abstract designs, through which you can find a kind of beauty that is Unique!
Coming with us, you will have chance to see with your own eyes the whole progress of making a traditional handicraft product. From the simple natural materials available in the daily life and friendly to the environment such as: wood, fabric, resin of lacquer tree, mother of pearl, egg shell, bamboo, composite, the craftsmen with their patience and skillful hands, through the detailed processing steps from choosing wood bodies, creating frame, making shape, wrapping with cloths for protection, dozens of layers of lacquer, smoothing, inlaying, carving, pattern drawing then polishing to produce the

unexpected perfect lacquer products 3 months later on. Undergone a hard process, our products must be inspected strictly before being brought into market. A standard lacquer ware must be under the criteria as below:

1. layers of lacquer: more than 18 layers and the quality of those layers must be better and better so that they can make the lacquer ware a perfect flat surface, make it shiner and shiner, make the product smooth from deep inside to the outside. If a product is in this standard, the surface will be very shining, smooth; especially the pearl and the surface become one perfect surface (with some lacquer wares, the mother of pearl seem to come out of the surface) and it make beautiful 3-dimensioned pictures.

2. The mother of pearl: not one single white color but we choose the rainbow colorful one. When it is under the light, it will be shining with multi colors! The number of layers of lacquer is very important to make sure that the pearl will not become curl or come out when there is a difference in weather (especially cold one).

3. Carving: the carving on the mother of pearl must be delicate, subtle, exquisite which can be created by a very patient and skillful craftsman with a small knife. 4. Sand paper to polish: ranging from number 320 to 1000. It must be finer and finer to make surfaces of lacquer wares smother and smother.

4. Everything is handmade!

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