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About us  

When children start to draw and paint, they deal with images that they know best: father, mother, the house, the dog, rice field, the kite, buffalo ... Many Fine art and handicraft artists never lose their interests in everyday thing, and even try and try to develop it into the finest art, through which one can find a so-called traditional
and modern beauty second to none.

With more than 15 years experience in the field of fine art and handicraft, Minh Phuong Fine Arts & Handicraft company are very proud to be one member of the Vietnam Fine Art family.

Beside a big workshop of over 1500 m2 in Binh Duong province, our comfortable showroom is located at 09 Mac Dinh Chi street, Dist. 1, HCM city, Vietnam, stretching an area of 1200 m2, where visitors can also see on their own eyes every single stage of making a lacquer ware.

The showroom is ranked as one of the best galleries in HCM city with abundance of aesthetic- designed products and a staff of professional sales representatives fluent in at least one foreign language: English, French, Chinese, Germany, Russian, ...

Before being exhibited, every single product must be undergone a long process of over dozens of handicraft steps. These handicraft fine art works have been exported to different countries in the world and having won the difficult markets such as : England, German, France, America, Australia, Japan and Korea.

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Store: 09 Mac Dinh Chi St.,
Ward Ben Nghe, Dist. 1
T. 08. 3823 1166 - 08. 3823 7789
F. 08. 3824 8442
E. info@minhphuongart.com
W. www.minhphuongart.com


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